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    I also use the freeware program Imageforge because of other options like flood fill and color replacer etc............

    Here is something different:

    You can add folders to your AR stencils in addition to he ones that come with the program to sort out your new stencils and also use stencils from other programs or downloads.
    AR will display the new stencil folders too.

    In windows the path would be :
    C:/ programs / Ambient design / Artrage (2?) / resources / stencils...

    in that folder, open new folder(s) and name them what ever you like.

    If you have other programs with stencils you can run a search for .png files on your pc to find them.

    Copy and paste the .png files in your new folder(s)
    (Don't click and drag them, that will empty the folder for the other program.)
    Remove the ones you don't want.
    Downloaded stencils from web or a CD can be put there too.

    Then next time you open AR and go to stencils your new folder(s) appear as you slide the bar.

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    flipping stencils or paintings.

    Someonesane asked if we had painted anything else but the stencil. Yes we had painted a sail boat and wanted to put a logo on the boat and also text that would define the location of the sailboat. Then we wanted to use an Avery T-shirt transfer to move the painting to the t-shirt. The problem is the text prints backwards as you would see it in a mirror when it is a white t-shirt. Dark T-shirts do not need the same ironing side so they come out right. The printer will not cooperate and flip the image altho they have a setting for transfer. I have a simple hp deskjet 5740 on a mac. I have word for mac but I do not see how to flip to a mirror image there. Corel essentials 3 or Photo-shop elements 4 for mac doesent seem to help either. I will persever.....

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    You should be able to just merge all of the layers into a single layer in ArtRage then flip the whole layer. Then when you print it and iron it on it will have been flipped again to read properly.
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    Most programs that let you import and resize pictures have some type of boarder boxes one can grab and move to resize the picture.

    Resize it so it is smaller than the work area, then drag the grab box horizontally threw the picture and out the opposite side of the picture's edge.

    The picture is now inverted, resize and print it.

    *One can also make a jpg, png or bmp image of any text, I use MWSnap a freeware program in my windows to capture pictures or text, I haven't checked to see what is available for mac. One can resize and flip the captured text and paste it in the picture as described above. Using a png might be the best when it has a transparent background.

    It also works to if you want to flip one picture upside down, like when making cards.

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