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Thread: saving as 300ppi question/need answer asap

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    saving as 300ppi question/need answer asap

    I made an image, saved it in the earlier version at the standard 72 ppi.

    I recently re-opened it, saved it again after a resize at 300ppi and then sent it to our graphics guy for a test print.

    Obviously, I'm not too keen on these things.....will that actually work? My son afterwards told me that I had to have saved it ORIGINALLY as 300 and that it can't be changed afterward.

    quick response would be awesome - so I can cancel the order ($$$) before it's too late.


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    hi karin,

    normally, in photoshop, you have to create a document at the final size you want to print it out at.

    if you have a 10x10 picture at 72dpi, you can resize it to 300dpi but it will come out 2.5x2.5 (you've just increased the resolution by 4 times, so the picture will be 4 times smaller).

    i had been wondering about this too in art rage, maybe art rage handles these things differently? but to be on the safe side, start at 300dpi from the beginning if you're planning on printing...

    hope i could be of some help

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    ArtRage handles this sort of thing in the way that you describe, you're quite right, toby.

    If you're planning on printing something, I'd tend to recommend starting a painting and selecting the physical size you're after ( inches or cm ), then setting the DPI setting to the required amount. If DPI is raised after the fact, the final printed output will be smaller.
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