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Thread: Button to save forum image with "from AR by [%userid]&q

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    Button to save forum image with "from AR by [%userid]&q

    I think there are others here who often save their favorite work by others either to view later or reference for technique/etc.

    I personally save them with "from AR" appended to the filename.

    I think it would be cool if there were a button somewhere near the image that initiates a save with the original filename and "from AR by [%userid]" appended to the name.


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    Save as +

    One thing that's in most 3D packages is a plus save button in the save as dialog that saves the file with a nubber at the end & adds one to it each time you hit the plus button.

    for example....
    test.ptg +save > test01.ptg
    test01.ptg +save > test02.ptg


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