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Thread: file exchange

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    file exchange

    Hey, it's been aa while since I've been around.
    As most of you know, the main program I'm working with is artweaver.Now this program has a new plug in to get pictures from another program, with layers and masks intact.Great to work with !! (get the best of both worlds)

    I was thinking, if this could also be implemented in artrage, we could exchange pictures between programs ,and get the best of these programs to our benefit.
    This would give artrage some extra's without changing things on the interface.

    Things like painting shrubs into your landscape would be a breeze to do with dogwaffle's optipustics, or a self made brush in artweaver could become handy to paint hair, just to name a few.
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    Hullo Hanz.
    Plugin support and interoperability with other applications is something we have on the list of things to look at.
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