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Thread: Playing games with your Wacom

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    Playing games with your Wacom

    I play all kinds of games with my Wacom. I noticed that I hit stuff much better in UT2004 with my Wacom, for example. And in Homeworld 2 the wacom makes it feel like you really are a commander, sitting and pointing and giving orders.

    But now I found this little free game that really rocks with a pen tablet! There are obstacles, and you have to draw lines with a chalk over all the green dots in an obstacle with one chalk line to remove it.

    Edit: I just figured out how you take care of the enemies that shoot at you. You have to draw a line that hits both the enemy and a projectile. Any projectile on the screen with any enemy on the screen works. Doesn't have to be the one who fired it.

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    I find that a lot of the Orisinal games, with their simple point-and-click style interfaces, work very well with a wacom tablet. They're also just very cute in design.

    "Winterbells" and "Cats" are two favorites that work well with a tablet.

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