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Thread: Animation Favorites

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    Animation Favorites

    Saturday morning cartoons ate my childhood. I seem to have struck a nostalgic nerve with an aside in another board and thought I'd continue the discussion of "formative animation" in a more communal setting. This thread is intended to catalog the impact of "art as motion" as it's impacted your life. There've been some genuine acts of genius in animation of the past - and new ground is continually broken in the present. Help open some minds to things less permanent than canvas, but no less influential.

    I'll start:
    The members of this forum have offered a wealth of support an inspiration, as well as some unexpected insight into long-forgotten bits of my childhood. Thanks to Gita, Selby, SweenyMini, Enchanter, et al. for the nostalgia! Hilights (in no particular order):

    Steamboat Willie (no-brainer - along with all early Disney)
    He Man (Orko rulez)
    Smurs ("Surprise! - "BOOM"")
    Scooby Doo (Death to Scrappy)
    Care Bears
    Shirt Tales (Boooooiinnnnngggg!)
    Gummy Bears (Disney again)
    Cities of Gold (I'd forgotten how much I loved this one too, Enchanter - good call)
    Belle and Sebastian (related to the above, I think)
    Danger Mouse (am I the only one who owns the DVDs? - Crumbs!)
    Silverhawks/Thundercats (might as well be interchangeable)
    GI Joe (Storm Shadow vs. Snake Eyes . . . COBRAAAAA!)
    Looney Tunes (Obvious)

    etc. . .etc. . .

    People on the forefront (imho):

    Ren and Stimpy (iiiidiots)
    Fairly Oddparents (concept + writing = brilliant)
    Wallace and Grommit (He likes cheese, I live in Wisconsin, perfect!)
    Pixar - (begin flame war below).
    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Vectors are finally done justice.
    Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island - (tell me you've seen anything like this).
    Batman (recent various series)
    Powerpuff/Samurai Jack/high-style vector extravoganza (Thanks Art Deco!).
    Dragonball Z (blondes do have more fun)
    FLCL (Richenbacher + Vespa + Nurse = um . . . action!)
    Anything Miyazaki touches.

    Okay, I'm done for now. For the record, none of these have touched on the kinds of things I think ArtRage is capable of. There's an untapped "new style" out there and the tools are now available to make something truly unique.
    I'd love to hear what "moving art" moves you.

    All the best:

    People who speak in absolutes are always wrong.

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    Ok doke, (I'll skip the previously mentioned ones) heres some more that I remember foundly:

    Count Duckula (linked totally with Danegr Mouse)
    Tushay Turtle
    Droopy Dog
    Crazy Crane
    Pigeon Street
    Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles
    Wacky Races
    Rockos Modern Life

    Other good ones:
    Willow The Wispy
    Charlton & The Wheelies
    Moomins (when they were felt. They were totally bizarre though)
    TerraHawks (I was right scared of the witch at the time ops: )

    Mr Bean
    The Janitor (the clay anim one with Eddie Murphy)

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    Here's my trip down cartoon/kid show memory lane

    Mighty Mouse
    Romper Room
    Captain Kangaroo

    and then there were the stacks and stack of comic books I wish I still had.
    Millie the Model
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    OK, OK, this has been driving me mad for the last 22 years :cry: I once saw a cartoon, I think it was a one off, and I've been trying to recall what it was. The only real thing I remember from it is the theme tune with had the lyrics something like:

    "Mr Rossy what you want..." something something blah blah then the chorus:
    "He's a lucky luck man, a very lucky man" (or words to that effect)

    Can ANYONE help me out?!? Granted, it's not much to go on, but Google have banned me for looking up "Cartoon + Rossy" :wink:

    Thanks fellas,

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    ooh i remember a cartoon called........or it could have been just the song title...anyway it was called 'Mr Rossy and his Dog'........I think! :?

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    a few others i just thought of.....

    ulysees 31
    jayce and the wheeled warriors
    the real ghostbusters

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    Can't get enough of Miyazaki... his films are so deep!

    The Tick has to be the most amusing cartoon i had ever seen......

    Watching Wolf's Rain every now and then... kind of wierd anime......

    Cowboy Bebop... clever anime......

    Pixar films are great... never get bored of them......

    Big time Robotech/Macross fan... still waiting for the Shadow Chronicles!

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    - Disney's (2D) animated films (The Jungle Book, Bambi, Dumbo, The Lion King [yes, especially 1.5, the story of Timon and Pumbaa], Aladdin)

    - Combination live action/animation (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Monkeybone [Yes, I liked it. Never mind.])

    - Geri's Game and anything else by Pixar

    - Disney/Pixar (3D) animated films (Finding Nemo is currently my favourite film in any genre)

    - I'm pretty studio-agnostic, really. Pixar is tops, but I enjoyed Antz and Ice Age, too.

    - Killer Bean

    - Dexter's Laboratory

    Therm0s started with a lot of my favourites, so I'm done for now. =]

    - Gita

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    Playing the age card!

    Any WW2 Walt Disney! The time of "correct politicalness"!

    Also Fantasia, what a range of emotions.

    Picking just one. The Oscar Winning Tom and Jerry cartoon involving a grand piano.

    I have tried to like Tin-Tin, also Bambi, Brocolli, Chicken wingers and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. But somethings you just have to give up on!
    Luck is infatuated with the efficient.

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    Luck is infatuated with the efficient.

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