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Thread: Scratch disc , water color , inking and custon brushes

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    Scratch disc , water color , inking and custon brushes

    2.5 has really some nice features. The only problem is that working in high resolution (300dpi) , the movement becomes jittery and slow.
    This is where a user can select his/her own scratch disc like in photoshop.
    With this feature and being able to make custom brushes and save them, I'll no longer need photoshop.

    Also , a watercolor brush would also stop me from using Corel Painter.

    Artrage has a brilliant layout , simple and friendly, very nice features , and amazing price , but I hope these other issues are addressed soon.

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    Brush lag


    I've just joined the forum hoping to find the answer to the same problem.
    When I paint at 300dpi ( cause i'd like to print and frame my paintings) , there is that "drag" or lag where the brush follows after the cursor.

    I also think this would be solved with being able to select a custom scratch disc similar to photoshop. I'm not the most technical person, but I've noticed that before going into photoshops's prefernces to select my own individual scratch disc ( which'll then not compete with windows memory) , photoshop works much slower than after changing to my custom scratch disc directory.

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