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Thread: HOLY CROW!!! Version 2.5 + ModBook question

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    HOLY CROW!!! Version 2.5 + ModBook question

    My apologies for starting a new thread, but I see a bunch of topics and can't decide which ones to add to ...

    But HOLY CR*P you guys have been busy! Sheesh, I'm away for a couple months and look what I miss. Anyway, only just had time to start fiddling around a bit, but all the enhancements look really nice. And there's so many of them ... this honestly feels almost closer to a version 3 than a version 2.5. I almost feel guilty for not having to pay an upgrade fee.

    Awesome work, guys! Keep it up!

    One quick question, also: I may (fingers crossed) have a chance to get my mitts on one of those ModBook Mac tablets sometime soon. Again, I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere, but any word yet on whether or how ArtRage will work with those? My god, but that would be a sweet way to work.

    Thanks again guys! (Looking forward to seeing AnimRage someday, too, still. )

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    Welcome back!

    Awesome that you like the new changes, thanks for that. This update took us a good while to do, what with everything we wanted to put into it, that's for sure!

    When Andy and Mike were over at Macworld, they saw ArtRage 2.2 being used by the Modbook crew as part of their booth demonstration I believe. We've not heard as yet of how ArtRage 2.5 works on a Modbook. ArtRage hasn't been tested on one, but it'd certainly be interesting to see!
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