Awesome job on 2.5! The stencils are great.

In the past I've had problems blending with the oil brush, and in trying things out now with the latest I still have the same problem. It's hard to get very smooth blending because the paint "dries out" so quicky. And although one can always color pick and lay in some new paint atop an old area, this is somewhat annoying.

What would be nice is the ability to paint a clear medium, such that it goes down just like paint, but has no color. I could lay down a band of paint and then a band of clear medium alongside it, and potentially blend the two together for a smoother effect than what can be achieved by just feathering the edge of a paint band alone.

In addition, while the oil brush has a "thinner" slider, what about a medium slider? This would control the amount of medium mixed into the paint. While it would have a similar thinning effect, it could also increase the working time of the paint. Perhaps at 100% medium the paint would remain workable indefinitely (although technically there would be no color or paint)?

I don't use the oil brush alot, mainly for the trouble I have with blending, so there may be techniques and features I don't realize. However at present it seems best for juicy, painterly techniques. But oil paints are used for very soft, controlled, smooth-gradations as well!

- Matthew Durante