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Thread: Precision Pencil still needs one more tweak, IMHO!

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    Precision Pencil still needs one more tweak, IMHO!

    Firstly, I apologize for being yet another user asking ArtRage to be another program.

    I use the precision pencil exclusively to do all my initial roughs, and it's almost as versatile as the Alias Sketchbook Pro brush. If it had a slider called "Size Variation" which controlled the swell of the brush tip, it would be completely equivalent. As of now, even with softness all the way up, I can't get those seamless gossamer-to-thick swells that Sketchbook can do. I suppose a valid rebuttal from the 'Ragers would be that there is no medium that can actually do this in the real world. Maybe if you strategically spun an 8B pencil...
    We've ***almost*** made a $90 application completely redundant!


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    Can't picture it.

    Could you perhaps post an image of these "swells" you are talking about?

    I'd love to understand what you request.

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    I see three possible interpetations.

    He wants to be able to control the thickness of the line with the pressure sensitivity of his Tablet, like you can with the art pen.

    Or he wants to be able to control how recently you sharpedned the pencil.

    Or maybe he wants to be able to set a start thickness and end thickness. So the lines gets evenly tapered.

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    I also would like the add that the pencil tool needs little more refinement. I feel like this tool`s precision is %90 there and missing %10 precision. By precision I mean what you are trying to draw and what your drawing looks like in artrage. Something feels little off regarding wacom pen interpretation. When I tried ALias sketchbook it had near perfect curves and lines when I used with wacom. I cannot get the similar feeling with Artrage to be honest.

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