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Thread: Cut and Paste for New Version?????

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    Cut and Paste for New Version?????

    Would the Artrage team consider making a Cut and Paste feature available on the next new Artrage, and also a brightness and contrast control, and also a hue and saturation control..I think that would be the Jam on the bread, or the Icing on the cake......the finishing touches for an already great program...thanks for listening anyway.... Jack.
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    Hi Jack

    What exacltly do you mean by cut&paste? Artrage can already cut and paste layers. You can even do a copy&paste from external programs like photoshop to artrage, like this:

    (photoshop) select all > copy > (AR) > paste

    Even copy&paste layers from within AR will also work. Yeah, even a screendump can be pasted into AR with the usual ctrl-v from the windows clipboard. I'm not sure what you would like other than what Artrage already does?

    On the other suggestions you have, I must say I'm totally with you on those. Those tools are what I primarily use Photoshop for, and with those in AR I could very well skip Photoshop (for most paintings, anyway) and stay in AR for the whole painting process.

    I'm just not sure how such image enhancing tools would fit into the toolset of Artrage...

    Ambient team...?

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    I think he means cut and paste within layers.

    If they added a lasso tool they could call it a stencil knife or something? Just that you can also copy, not just cut?

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    We're looking at ways of incorporating cutting selections from layers into ArtRage. Look for it in a future version.
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    An exacto-like brush would be perfect for making cuts in the canvas of a layer. Then we could use the stencils to guide the cuts.

    For cuts that fully enclose a perimeter, one could choose to excise or duplicate the enclosed area, which would become a cut-out.

    We'd need a cut-out or "collage" palette, too, to hold cut-outs and other scraps. This might be less memory intensive than the layers palette for some purposes.

    Some (configurable) natural curling at edges of the cuts would be good.

    Also, a "tear" brush (which cut/tore a ragged edge) would be a useful alternative to the exacto-knife brush.

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