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Thread: 2 questions, both about backgrounds and transparency.

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    2 questions, both about backgrounds and transparency.

    1. I did a rage on the default white background. It was just the silhouette with no background.

    How can I add a background to it?

    For example, I created a background on a new layer. But that layer is obviously hidden by the original layer with a white background.

    Is it a layer blend mode that will help? Nothing?

    I even tried exporting my background layer and reimporting it as if that might somehow magically work. Obviously, not.

    2. Is it possible to have ArtRage *always* open with a transparent background?

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    Too bad I deleted a small tutorial I just did for someone else on this subject.
    Anyway here are the steps to a quick background...

    1) add a new layer by clicking on the add layer button
    2) click on the little arrow next to the layer this brings up a pull down menu
    3) choose the last item on the menu> edit paper settings... click on that.
    4) change the opacity to 100% and...
    5) choose a paper texture by clicking on one
    6) pick a color for the paper by clicking on the color circle
    7) next click on the arrow next to your original painting layer
    8. again choose edit paper settings...
    9) set the opacity here to 0%
    10) now in the layers palette just drag the background layer you created below your painting layer and voila! you have an instant background.

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    You 'fused me good.

    I appreciate your patience in this regard, because I don't understand a lick of what you just said. I mean, I see the steps, I (sort of) grasp them, but I don't understand exactly what purpose they serve.

    I did however glean that all I had to do was change the opacity of my original layer. DUH! Thank you.

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    In a nutshell...
    ArtRage treats paper as separate from the paint applied on top. You have the wonderful ability in ArtRage to change the paper upon which you've painted without changing your paint.
    So if you go into the paper settings panel for the layer, you can make your paper transparent, or change its colour or surface texture or whatever you like.
    Because you can make your paper transparent, you can slide another layer of paper under your original painting and paint on a new piece of paper beneath.

    To add a background layer beneath your original painting, first make the paper colour of your lowest layer transparent by editing its paper settings.
    Then add a new layer.
    In the layer stack drag the new top layer down to beneath your original layer.
    Now you can edit the paper settings of the new bottom layer to make it paper-coloured.
    And then you can draw to your hearts content behind the paint of your original layer.
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    OK, got it!

    That's basically what I thought gzairborne meant, but they explained it so straightforwardly it buzzed over my impaired brain.

    Thanks for the dumbed down version, AndyRage.

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    Ha Ha... I didn't realize typing 8 and ) gives you a smiley. 8) Sorry bout that.
    No wonder you got confused...

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