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Thread: Is this a bug with glitter and the pallet knife?

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    Is this a bug with glitter and the pallet knife?

    If you lay down a thickness of glitter, and then use the flat or edge pallet knife the colour seems to smear, but not the depth of glitter. If you use the soft pallet knife, the glitter depth and colour smears.

    edit. Just realised thar the soft pallet knise seems to be smearing the shadows in the glitter also.


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    The smooth palette knife is more of a 'digital' tool than the flat palette knife. In ArtRage we have wet and dry media. Oils can be wet or dry. Glitter is always a dry medium. The flat palette knife can't smear dry media around.
    However the smooth setting just does a digital smear effect which ignores the wetness setting and moves everything on the canvas.
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