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Thread: Thank You

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    Thank You


    Im here just to say that your software is awesome.

    Simply the best ''painting emulator'' that I've tested so far.

    Im a professional illustrator based in Sao Paulo - Brasil (so, a non native english speaker :P).

    Actually, Im using ArtRage along with other tools, mainly Adobe Photoshop.
    Im getting extremely organic textures with ArtRage, thank you very much for improving my work.

    Soon I'll post some artwork in the forums

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    Mar 2006
    seattle, wa
    i'll second that as well. thanks to the team for creating this gem of an app for creative/art folks.


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    Mar 2006
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    i'll third that as well. ArtRage is truly a magnificient painting app. Hopefully this new place will be crowded before long.

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    Mar 2006

    Fine program.

    Thanks this fine and simple use drawing program. Best program what i have see. 10 points and BIG thanks of you all who have made this.

    Best Regards from snowland, from Heikki.

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    Mar 2006
    Thank you for a very inspiring paint program,

    from heikki's neighbour in Sweden

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    Mar 2006
    Ambient Design
    Wow! First thing I see this morning is lots of people saying how good ArtRage is.
    Thanks guys, that's a great way to start my morning! And welcome to the forum. So who's going to start the 'What can you paint in 30 minutes' thread?


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    Mar 2006
    Yeah, I really like your painting program since its quite basic and quite fun to mess around. I'm a very beginner artist but I hope to change that one day

    Hope to see you guys around more often

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    ArtRage is Amazing

    I've never gotten into digital painting as Photoshop has always seemed so cumbersome for this task and let's not even talk about Painter!

    ArtRage is geared 100% for digital painting and it really makes a difference in workflow. I have an Intuos 3 and programmed the trackpads and buttons for easy access to the most important functions. It's amazing. Being able to rotate the canvas is huge. The interface is designed perfectly for a tablet user which is great. I hope the feature set grows but wish that great attention is paid in how new features are integrated into the workflow.

    I would personally like to see some adjustment controls for layers or selections such as levels or brightness/contrast at the least. I'm really missing the ability to ability to shift hues and adjust saturation of layers and selections.

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    Mar 2006
    Hi there Artragers

    I love this program, the most realistic I've come across so far
    I'm going to buy it as soon as I can convince somebody to let me use their credit card. Thanks

    I'd luv some watercolour media someday, ii's the only thing missing.

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    Mar 2006
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by AndyRage
    So who's going to start the 'What can you paint in 30 minutes' thread?
    A speed painting thread is a good idea.
    DaveyJJ --> | |
    "Inside each one of us is an artist ... a child who has never lost the gift of looking at life with curiousity and wonder." Arthur Lismer

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