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Thread: animation?

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    This is my first post here, so hello everyone ^^

    I'm working as animator in a french studio and i have a dream about artrage ...
    I don't know if it's a good idea for artrage (or another software based on it ?) but i really would like to see some basic additional features to do animation , like :

    - a possibility to chose the frame rate ( 12, 25, 30 , 24 etc)
    - a tool to copy and paste a frame
    -a basic light table , just to see with transparency the previous and next frame (previous and next layer?)
    - and a possibility to export in mov/sequence/avi .

    I really like sketching in Artrage , using its wonderful and easy to use tool, and with these animation features, it could be perfect for me ^^


    p.s : sorry for my awful english

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    Hi Nico, and welcome to the forums.

    Several people have asked about animation features for ArtRage. It's something I'd love to work on, but I have other priorities for ArtRage at the moment.
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    thanks for the news ^^

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    ArtRage for still images, TVPaint for movement!

    I used to wish that ArtRage would head into the animation world until I discovered TVPaint.
    I use ArtRage and TVPaint in conjunction on a daily basis--they work wonderfully together. I have inked TVPaint animations with ArtRage and used ArtRage for animation backgrounds. I have made ArtRage images into animated brushes for TVPaint. They both handle PSD files quite nicely.
    It's a bit expensive, but if you are a student or teacher, and can find four others, it works out to about $125 per person. (~625 for a five-seat license)
    TVPaint also has a very cheerful and enthusiastic development team. They have lots of heavily tweakable brush tools (think making your own graphs to plot pen pressure versus brush size) to sketch with, and lots of video editing capabilities.
    check 'em out at


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    That's pricey!

    To me, there are far too many free, or cheaper applications out there that handle animation for me to spend almost $700 on software.

    If we are talking non-Java, non-Flash, non-ActiveX-based, non-3rd-party, then The GIMP along with the GAP (Gimp Animation Package) could suffice.

    Granted, it is not as robust as TVPaint Animation, but compare free to $700.

    If your desire was something non-GIF related or vector based, let me know, I can probably find good cheap or free software to do that.

    Also, a note for the Rage Team. Please, please, please do not add animation features to ArtRage.

    There are programs out there for this. This is not something that should be done in ArtRage. Maybe, one day, the ability to move nodes so as to make the animation in *ANOTHER* application a little easier, but no full-blown animation.

    I think I would stick to the version before a full-blown animator version if the case arose...

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    It's pricey, yes.

    I never said $700 per person! It's about $300 for a single academic seat, but it becomes a full-blown commercial license when you graduate.
    I know, I know, not cheap. But it is hard work to develop good software!
    I had been looking for a fast, fully-"scrubable," full-color, raster-based animation application for years...
    Plastic Animation Paper is cheaper (or free) for the lowest-end version, and has a great sketching brush, but it doesn't even do full color!
    Flipbook has terrible aliased brushes.
    Mirage is repackaged TVPaint and it costs more anyway.
    Promotion is pretty good but the brush and timeline systems aren't very robust.
    The other program I like is Frametoon by PortalGraphics (makers of OpenCanvas), because it has some nice fast brushes and with some basic timeline tools, but it's only available in Japanese!
    Once I had some TVPaint work to show, it wasn't hard to find four classmates who were willing to pay $125 each.
    Perhaps if the TVPaint folks used the Ambient Design pricing structure, it'd be $25...but I would have paid $125 for ArtRage, too.

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    Heh ... I may be wrong but I seem to recall in animation discussions that came up before, it was thought that having a great simple animation sketch program with the same sensibility to the artist's or animator's mindset as is done in ArtRage would be truly awesome.

    But the concensus, I believe, was not so much to pack ArtRage with a bunch of animation tools and clutter its interface, but to have a separate (tho perhaps integrated) sister package, AnimRage or whatever, that would contain the animation tools.

    Of course this is all pie-in-the-sky, castle-in-the-air pipe dreaming for now, anyway.

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    At my school i've showen the teacher and kids how to do a simple anim with artrage and powerpoint, we did all the art we wanted into layers and exported each layer ans an jpg or png and then loaded into PP on each slide and we have an anim not as good as i'd like but its the only programs the school has
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    Here's a freeware tool to import your images

    There was somebody here from the Netherlands that did fantastic animationswith Artrage and an extern program. (Forgot his name, or where to look for the animation :roll: )

    So if we all together found a program that works perfectly in combination with AR, we could ask for an "export to ..program" function. So the two of them work side by side, back and forth.... (just thinking)
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    Now that, would rock...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cooner
    But the concensus, I believe, was not so much to pack ArtRage with a bunch of animation tools and clutter its interface, but to have a separate (tho perhaps integrated) sister package, AnimRage or whatever, that would contain the animation tools.
    Now that'd be cool! Like a module that you could turn on and off in ArtRage even. Flip it on and timelines, and frames and skinning, et cetera appear. Off, and you got lovely ole' ArtRage.

    Good refinement of the suggestion, Cooner!

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