I've been thinking about this abit and while I do indeed love the AR UI, it also has a few shortcomings. The biggest one is something I've experienced mostly with my large 24" monitor at home. All of the UI is set miles apart, the tool selection in the lower left and colors in the lower right. This makes for some very unhandy pen movement needed for simple tasks as resizing your brush, changing the tool parameters and picking a new color from the colowheel.

It may seem trivial, but when you do paint alot you start noticing that the speed could be upped with very small changes.

* implement keybinds for everyting. From brushsize to pressure to thinner amount to tiltangle. Make keybinds change depending on which tool is selected. The 'thinner amount' keybind could be 'tilt angle' for another tool. And so on.

* implement NOT grounded tool boxes. Make us have the option of unsnapping the colorwheel (for example) and move it to where we are applying paint to the canvas.

these two small changes will make painting on a largescale monitor much more fluid. Which is good!