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Thread: I'm back, shall we go to argue on these two?

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    Jun 2006

    I'm back, shall we go to argue on these two?

    Hello, it has already some time!
    I bring for your appreciation two works, both executed in “Artrage” v. 2.0.
    The first one of them was executed without a reference photo, but basing me in the memory of a place where already it stows and some imagination.
    The second one, it was inhaled in a photo that I shoot with my webcam of a light bulb next to my face, in order to get this effect of dramatical light, finding I that is obvious the necessity of blur the outline of the figure with the background, waiting therefore other critiques and suggestions from all you.
    Thank you.
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    Apr 2006

    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
    My artist friend

    We Must each think of ourselves as an endless work in progress ....Harley Brown

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    Jul 2006
    Juicy painting style.

    I think they're incredible. Each one has one thing that I want to mention.

    On the landscape, It's beautiful color and I like the strokes. The foreground ridge to the left might be a bit darker if you're interested in showing depth.

    Inside the crying guy's mouth, at the back of the throat, the light dot looks like a light dot rather than a part of the throat. I would make any highlight subtler -- perhaps make the surrounding area a little darker than the tonsil so it will stand out but not jump out. You used the same paint color as the teeth, so it's a little confusing.

    Other than that they are brilliant.

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    Feb 2007
    Very nice paintings. Hope to see more.

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