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Thread: Tablet mapping problem with multiple displays

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    Tablet mapping problem with multiple displays

    Trying out ArtRage 2.5. Movable layers and rulers make a very good addition. Now for inking and watercolor brushes... *nudge nudge* ;)

    However, I have noticed a rather annoying feature of tablet mapping in ArtRage. Apparently in my case it creates its WinTab context at desktop size, not at window size, completely ignoring the settings in Wacom control panel applet too. Even when mapping is specifically set up in Wacom control panel applet for ArtRage, ArtRage ignores it and maps the table to complete desktop.

    With one monitor, it is not a problem, because the desktop and the monitor are the same size. However, with multiple monitors it is a disaster: ArtRage effectively uses a tiny portion of the tablet, and the rest of the tablet is mapped to outside of its window.

    Given that ArtRage maximizes to its current monitor, with two monitors side by side it means that it uses 1/4 of the tablet area. In my case that's 4 inches wide, mapped to a 19-inch monitor. Ouch. Control goes down the drain. :( Toying with the "precise tablet" option did not help, and as I said, ArtRage ignores the Wacom CP applet settings.

    Can it be fixed, please?

    The OS is Windows XP SP2, if that helps, and the display adapter is Nvidia GeForce 7200 with NView desktop feature enabled.

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    Update: the problem manifests only with NView enabled. Disabling its desktop enhancements fixes the mapping in ArtRage.

    However, ArtRage should still adjust its tablet context to the window, not to the whole desktop. My example shows it can break.

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    Hi Arenhaus.

    If you can email me the details of your setup to, including your Wacom tablet model, driver version, details on how you set up the tablet mapping so I can do the same here, as well as details on how you set up nView and your multiple monitors I can definitely take a look at this to see if I can reproduce it. As much detail as possible would be great so that I can make sure to be able to duplicate this.
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