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Thread: A Stencil Question

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    A Stencil Question

    I am having fun with Stencils today - feel like a kid again playing with stencils and glitter - but that's the point right

    My question is - Is there a keyboard shortcut to hide the stencil after you are finished with it. I've gone through the help section but may have missed it. At present I am doing this via the Menu but I am sure there is an easier way?


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    F6 - shows and hides all the stencils that are are active

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    You can hide or remove stencils from the right-click menu in the stencil.
    Or if you have the stencil panel open and choose the Active category, you can hide and show individual stencils. There is also a drop-down menu in the title area of the stencil panel for hiding and showing all the stencils.

    Or <F6> will toggle showing and hiding all of them at once.
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