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Thread: Exporting as photoshop document in 2.5?

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    Exporting as photoshop document in 2.5?

    When I try to save a layer as a photoshop document, I get a bad parameter error, saying it's not a file type Artrage recognises, yet 2.2 could do it fine. Anything I can do about this?

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    Oh, same here...

    The only workaround I know at the moment is copying the layers content into the clipboard (STRG-C on Windows) and creating a new document in Photoshop, paste it and save it there...


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    I'm getting that, too. I don't recall this being raised during beta, but it seems too obvious not to have been caught.

    Two other workarounds are:

    1) Save the entire file as a PSD and just use the layer you wanted.
    2) Save the layer as a PNG file and use that.

    #1 is obviously the closest to the original intent.


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    This is definitely a problem we've been able to reproduce too. We're looking into it at the moment and plan to fix it in an update. Sorry for the inconvenience there!
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