Congratulations on the new 2.5 release!

I'm sure I'll have loads of fun with it and it's nice to see you implemented many of the features requested by the Artrage user community.

However, It's not that I'm being an ingrate or anything, but I do believe that the layer transformations are not optimal; It's virtually impossible to accurately move, resize and rotate layers that have a certain degree of complexity to them... sure I can doodle a tree at the default screen resolution and move it around, but when I'm working with a 3000 X 1600 px image things start to get incredibly non-responsive, no doubt because the size of the data Artrage has to work with.

When performing such transformations, Photoshop scales back the resolution of the layer so it can be moved, resized or rotated smoothly and then renders it at full resolution once the changes have been made, hopefully we will have that feature too in the future.

On the other hand I can't praise you enough for giving us the ability to give names to our layers, now I can know where I put what thing and have order in my workflow.

It's great to see Artrage becoming even more awesome!