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Thread: Very small bug on my machine...(not critical, don't panic ;)

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    Very small bug on my machine...(not critical, don't panic ;)

    Hello to all artrage team !
    And congratulations for all the hard work, I'm really glad to see the long awaited features. Now that it's possible to turn and move the layers, I really feel like I'm in front of my desk, it's really handy !
    And it seems that it works a little faster, even on my "old" computer. Great job ! comes the bug part :
    If I close Artrage when the toolbox is hidden, when I restart it, the toolbox is over the tool picker.
    It does not happen when the toolbox isn't hidden.
    No big deal. (and it might happen only on my computer)

    Thanks again for the hard work, It's nice to have a such powerful and creative software for that price !

    (If it's any help for you : OS: Win2k tablet : intuos 2 mouse : G5 logitech.)
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    Thanks for the information, and of course always great to hear you're enjoying using the software!

    We managed to track down the situation where this can happen. If you are running ArtRage in full screen mode specifically, if you exit with that panel hidden, it can end up relocated in the manner you describe. I've made a note of the steps to reproduce it so that we can look to fix it.
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