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Thread: ArtRage 2.5 Released!

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    ArtRage 2.5 Released!

    ArtRage 2.5 is released!

    We're pleased to announce that ArtRage 2.5 has been released. ArtRage 2.5 is a free upgrade to existing purchasers of ArtRage 2, and adds many important new features and enhancements.

    To update your existing copy of ArtRage 2 Full edition, you can choose 'Check for Updates' from your ArtRage Help menu. It should indicate there is a new version available for downloading and installing. Note that the update may occur in two parts - the updater itself may update, then the updater will update ArtRage to version 2.5 (we recommend you close ArtRage before continuing with the update).

    If you have problems updating with the automatic updater, you can go to the ArtRage support pages for information on downloading the full installers.

    Major feature enhancements:

    Stencils & Rulers: The Stencil Picker allows you to add Stencils and Rulers to your painting, for creating precise shapes, straight lines, and curves. Press ‘F’ to bring up the Stencil Picker, or click the Stencils button on the new Toolbox Panel. For more information, see the ArtRage Manual.

    Layer Content Transformation: You can now Move, Scale, and Rotate the contents of Layers using the Transform Layer Contents option in the Edit Menu.

    Copy & Paste: You can now copy the contents of a Layer using the Copy Layer to Clipboard option in the Edit Menu. You can Paste the contents of your clipboard to a new Layer using the Paste Clipboard to New Layer option in the Edit Menu.

    Layer Groups & Layer Names: You can now add Layer Groups, and name your Layers and Groups. For more information, see the Layers section of the manual.

    Resolution Support: In the New File or Resize panels you can now set the size of your image using pixels, inches, centimeters, or millimeters. You can also set the DPI resolution of your image.

    Smooth Blender: The Palette Knife now has a Smooth blending option which can be found in the Type picker of the Tool Controls Panel when the Palette Knife is selected.

    Precise Pencil: The Pencil now has a Precise option. Turning this option on makes your pencil sharper and more like a mechanical pencil. This option can be found in the Tool Controls Panel when the Pencil is selected.

    Mousewheel Zoom: The Mouse wheel on a mouse, or the Zoom Strip on Wacom Intuos 3 tablets can now be used to zoom the canvas.

    Recent Files List: You can access a list of recently used ArtRage files in the File Menu.

    More Image Formats: ArtRage 2.5 supports more image formats for Import and Export.

    Internal Updater: The ArtRage Updater has been built in to the application to make it easier to download and install updates.

    Toolbox Panel: The bottom of the ArtRage window now has a Toolbox Panel, from which you can access your Stencils, Tracing Images, and Reference Images.

    Layers Panel: The Layers Panel has been moved to the right of the window for easier access.

    Color Samples Panel: The Color Samples Panel that used to be on the right hand edge of the window is now a floating panel. You can bring it up by pressing ‘S’, or using the Show Color Samples Panel option in the Tools Menu or Color Picker menu. You can also name your color samples.

    Languages: ArtRage now supports English, French, and German from the same install. You can select your language from the Help menu.

    OSX Application Bundle: ArtRage now contains all of its resources internally on OSX so you don’t need to store a folder alongside the application, you can just install ArtRage 2.5 directly to your Applications Folder.

    OSX Window Resizing: The ArtRage window can now be manually resized on OSX using a resize handle at the bottom right.

    Crash Recovery: On Windows, ArtRage attempts to save out your work to a temporary file (arrestart.ptg) if the application crashes. For more information, see the ArtRage Support Forum.

    Import To Layer: You can now import an image to a new Layer in the current document, rather than having to import to a new document. Use the Import To Layer option in the File menu.

    Bump Blend Modes: The way ArtRage layers the volume of paint on Layers can be controlled from the Bump Blend Mode menu in the Layer Menus.

    Canvas Zoom Shortcut: Holding down Shift + Space and click-dragging the canvas, or holding down Shift and right click-dragging the canvas zooms it.

    User Content Support Shifted: User content such as Custom Pickers, Canvas Size Presets, Stencils, Canvas Presets etc. have been shifted to the user’s Application support folders. For more information, including information on how to move your ArtRage 2.2 content to ArtRage 2.5, see the ArtRage Support forums.

    Reference Image Persistency: Reference Images are now saved with your painting files.

    Improved Vista Support: ArtRage 2.5 is Windows Vista Certified and supports Tilt and Rotate when using Ink Services under Vista.

    Unofficial Technical Features.

    Light Switch: If you want to turn off the lights in your image, to remove the appearance of volume for the paint, you can do so by pressing F5.

    Export of Channels: For technically minded users, selecting ‘Export Layer…’ from the Layers Menu while holding down Shift will export the contents of that layer to multiple image files for each channel (Color, Bump, Shininess, Reflectivity).

    Toggle stencil display: Pressing F6 will show/hide all the stencils on the canvas.

    And a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes that made the list too long for easy reading!
    More information can be found on the ArtRage home page:
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    Important note for ArtRage 2.2, Wacom OEM edition users (people who purchased a Wacom Volito tablet with ArtRage 2.2 included):

    We haven't yet updated the ArtRage OEM versions, so the update to ArtRage Wacom edition is not yet available.

    As soon as we have updated the ArtRage OEM versions, ArtRage Wacom users will be able to get an update to ArtRage 2.5 OEM.
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