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Thread: Serenity - By the river.

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    The first one is an amazing piece. Just beautiful! Up to your high caliber of painting skills. The second is hard to see for me. There is enough of a hint at the structures to see a fine work there in the darkness. I am on a mac computer, but can usually see most dark pieces with my new monitor.

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    glory and the fall are wonderful.....skillfully painted .......and it shows..........
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
    My artist friend

    We Must each think of ourselves as an endless work in progress ....Harley Brown

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    Hi Waheed.

    Nice work. I'll say right off the bat that the second one, the dark one, is hard to see on my monitor as well.

    It may look good as an image on a wall, much like with a fine arts painting, where the subject is intended to be a second read. Once you have seen the strong black canvas shape and have moved closer, more reveals itself. This effect doesn't work as well on the computer, especially at lower resolutions.

    The visual effect of viewing it is not unlike looking at a bronze relief sculpture a bit like Rodin's 'Gates of Hell' or whatever it's called, where it is so dark that you need to walk right up to it, and as you do, things begin appearing. But again, sculpture or real world art can control the viewer more than on the monitor unless you're making a film or slide show or something.

    Its message is plain enough -- destruction, like a charred cinder, wrath of God kind of stuff. It evokes a message of a deliberate and abrupt end through war or something, as opposed to where we see parts collapsing and overgrown which would say 'decay'.

    I could get a similar image from letting my mind wander while looking at a charred log in the fireplace after the fire is spent.

    But as in the case of looking at something that relies on my imagination so much, if someone were not inclined to periods of contemplation on symbols in this fashion, they might not be looking for anything other than in the clearest one tenth of the canvas. The rest gets lost.

    It's a pessimist's view. It would probably be a favorite of the fire and brimstone crowd -- those who's stock and trade is in making bleak judgments and the power of influence over frustrated people that generates for them in their world -- where invective and hatred rules -- where this vision is used as a threat. The darkness and non-communicative nature of that painting makes it feel to me like a visual rant. It's not about logic, not about listening or talking. Not about interaction in any way. It's like a closed mind. A hopefully unrealistic monotone vision that someone is haranguing.

    It's very editorial and opinionated. The bright painting also carries a message -- one on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    The first painting would be the one where those people would go to draw inspiration to build their city. It looks like a city hall style building to me. It stands above like a monument to civic accomplishment and wise offices. It looks like it could be seen from miles around as a reminder to those who are part of the group that this building belongs to all of them in a central or way like a hub of a wheel.

    I'm not seeing the entrance, so I'm not getting a lot of participation on the part of the populace. It's more like they are being cared for by a benign leadership -- because it is jutting above the tree line that feels a little like cumulus clouds in shape, it feels a bit of 'high atop Mt. Olympus' -- immortal.

    As to the technique, it feels architectural in a slightly old world way, where stucco was troweled onto the surface. It says labor, craftsmen and earth. It's more masculine for sure.

    The palette is conservative and limited, appropriately so. Not heavenly, no parades and flags. No graft and excess from this administration. Just simple and efficient.

    I love the style and the strokes -- especially in the trees. Were I suggesting anything based on what you have down, and not to change the connotation, I would say perhaps to not have your clouds so much like a pattern. I think they could lead the eye into the building a little more, or be divided in a way that does not draw attention from the star of the show -- the building. The contrast is slightly distracting because the values of the adjacent clouds and the building are so alike. Thus the overall light in the upper half of the picture is competing against the overall darks, and the architectural shape is getting a little lost in the shuffle.

    But as always, I love your work. In the dark one it's because I know who did it, and I look at it as one of your voices, or moods, or passing thoughts. So since I get so much out of your visual conversation, I always 'listen'. And if I don't 'get it' it doesn't mean something profound is not at the heart of it, and I wonder how it might be said differently.

    As always, thank you for the work and the conversation.

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    The first picture is awesome. I love the technique very much. The second one is too dark on my monitor.

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    Hi Waheed the first is lovely and makes me think of a fantasy city ...something a bit like in dinotopia or similar and i love the lose detail of flowers in the bushes at the front. the second i also have trouble to view but it looks a powerful image from what i can see

    "I like to have a thing suggested rather than told in full. When every detail is given, the mind rests satisfied, and the imagination loses the desire to use its own wings."
    ~Thomas Bailey Aldrich~

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    I realy like your works. I've seen some before on your website. I like the way you use and mix colors.

    These works are also realy good. First painting is very natural and fresh in my feel. I also like second one - some impression in your own style, realy good.


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    lots and lots of thanks to all of you. but first, im very late in answering, so i appologize. sorry.

    gzairborne...thank u very much for your kind words....

    ENCHANTER...thanks mate, glad u were able to see....

    D Akey, of wonderful words.... u sure, do observe things and then know how to write on them in a lovely way. u know, i sort of get inspiration and ideas, while reading your lines....

    whatever uve analysed is very rite, i agree with all the interpretation. the first one does have a rough, suggested brushwork thruout, equaly treated, so that might be the reason behind making it a bit too busy.... agree. what inspired me was the architecture, i love this style. this kind of construction have always fascinated me. strong and artistic.

    the second one, yes, its a bit on the darker side. i purposely kept it like that, as per my concept. the brighter look, wouldnt be able to add much to the mood. i would like to share another one, with a different style, that i usualy show. that one is even darker that this, but has got quite a few light sources, which reveal things. again, everything has been done according to the concept that i had in my mind. im going to take it further ahead, might make an animation short. ive already started working on more of its concepts and storyline. would be sharing the final things when its done. but thats going to take some time. for now the first conept (its a finished painting in itself).

    thanks again D Akey, for all the time that u spend on viewing my work and commenting on them....

    thank u very much nika....

    thanks a lot selby....

    900fy...many thanks. i appreciate....


    here u go:

    title: An eerie spot at midnight.
    software: photoshop.

    hello there.... sharing my recent work, "An eerie spot at mightnight".

    i did keep my personal, painterly style, but its quite different from what i usualy post. its a concept i made for a gloomy, mysterious landscape at night. every part has been handled according to the overall feel and look that i was after. the result made me quite satisfied as i did manage to achieve what i had in my mind....

    painted in photoshop with a hint of painter, on a (scanned) sketch, from my mind, that i did on paper first. i used tablet to paint it later.

    it was real fun drawing and painting this and i hope u all enjoy it.

    many thanks for stopping by. best to all.

    P.S. ive kept it dark as per the requirements of my concept (night/dramatic). did introduce, position lights (sources) and their effect, only revealing things that were needed to be lit, adding to the mystery of the overall scene that i opted for.

    again, i thank the Staff at Ambient Design/Artrage for allowing me to share my works done in other softwares.

    thanks everyone for your time....

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    Everything's superb! The last one then ... Nightmare before Christmas1, isn't it (the Halloween country)
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Hi Waheed,

    Thanks for your kind response. I suppose that words are my paints these days. I find that it helps me bring my inner senses more conscious.

    I like the combination of words and art but it takes time to get it said properly. Now I need to learn how to do it faster. That part has been challenging.

    As to your new work here, I really like the feel of it. But it's hard to see, and find I have to strain to make parts out. The palette is very fantasy oriented, like I can almost hear some light hearted spooky singing. It doesn't feel evil. Feels like a children's palette -- from the sweet dark colorful side of the palette.

    I agree with Caesar's comments.

    Nicely designed objects and trees and so forth.

    Just too dark for it to be fun. Makes me feel like I'm going a little blind and that's quite disconcerting to an artist. Hard to get past that, and it pulls me out of the painting because it makes me self-conscious. And I would much rather be at play in your otherwise delightful painting.

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    Just passing through to gape in awe. (As usual).
    Art is like an ill-trained Labrador retriever that drags you out into traffic. (Annie Dillard)

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