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Thread: Two Suggestions: Rulers and the = key

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    Two Suggestions: Rulers and the = key

    Having movable horizontal and verticla ruler lines, as in Paint Shop Pro (and probably Photoshop) would be useful

    The = key, rather than being a hot key for the eraser tool, should be a toggle between the eraser tool and whatever drawing tool was last used.

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    in 2.5 you can add two rulers. Rotate them so one is vertical and one is horizontal. Scale them so they cover the height and the length(respectively) of the canvas. Now you can move these in constrained axis by holding down shift as you move the rulers.

    (Btw. holding shift while rotating will make the ruler/stencil rotate in 15 degree increments)

    You can ofcourse add as many rulers as you like. And its also easy to hide them all with one button. just press <F6>.

    or am I misunderstanding what you say?

    A toggle between last two used tools is something I have also suggested. But it's a good enough feature to be suggested several times..

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    The rulers/stencils in version 2.5 are useful and impressive.

    However, what I meant were what Paint Shop Pro refers to as "guides," movable thin horizontal or vertical lines which sit on top of the image, but are not part of the image. They play no role in restricting the area a tool effects--they are just movable visual guides for the user

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