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Thread: Newbie and lov'n it

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    Newbie and lov'n it

    Hi All

    I found the artrage link a short while back and have passed it along to a few friends..we all love this little app. I have used painter mostly for this style of work and hate the GUI..can they put any more pallets into that app!!
    anyway..great work Artrage guys!!
    We all are playing with the free version at this point but are going to upgrade soon
    a few suggestions and curiosities

    watercolors..can't wait!..wondering when..roughly?next major update or within the 2.0+ stage
    key commands..similar to main app..for brush size change and opacity
    new image dialog..similar again to PS..offering..X and Y dimensions with ppi choices..maybe offering X&Y either as ppi or inches

    there are very few things I would add to this great app. AS most have mentioned here..a few tweaks here and there..the more simple the better..

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    NJ, US
    Welcome to the forums, Toronto! =]

    - Gita

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    thanks Gita

    I am so happy that I found this program. Cheap and powerful even with the limited features..more than enough considering the clutter of painter!

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