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Thread: How to import an image into a layer?

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    How to import an image into a layer?

    Various posts refer to saving your signature as a 'cell' layer, then importing it onto a painting.

    But every time I select 'Import image...' ArtRage opens the selected file as a new document, rather than inserting the contents into the currently open file.

    Am I missing something? I can't find a way to add a layer based on the contents of another file, or 'pasting' an image onto a layer.

    Any help gratefully received!

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    In ArtRage 2.2 there is currently no way to import a layer directly.
    Note that in ArtRage 2.5 we have added a layer import function.

    In the meantime, load your signature as a tracing image, and use the tracing tools to position it. Then choose 'convert tracing image to paint' from the tracing menu to place your signature.
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    Many thanks; that did the trick!

    Thanks for such a simple tool to generate great art!

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