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Thread: LUA scripting and connectivity plugins?

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    LUA scripting and connectivity plugins?

    Heya, this is Phil with Project Dogwaffle. I was wondering is there's a free SDK to make plugins and extensions to ArtRage?

    Or, and foremost, is there someone who can make a gluas/LUA scripting front end, similar to what's in the GIMP, and which served as a basis for DogLua, the LUA scripting front end plugin to Dogwaffle? There's also Artweaver, whcih also has Lua scripting.

    That would enable all these applications to benefit from filters written in Lua. Users of one product could then find new filters from others. For example, filters written in lua for GIMP can also be used in Dogwaffle or Artweaver. It would be awesome for ArtRage users to be able to benefit from our filters as well.

    Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has an interest in making a 'bridge connection' type plugin. It's rather easy to do, and other apps have done it, including Artweaver. It could allow for example for your drawings from ArtRage to be loaded into Dogwaffle as an animation, and saved as AVI or further processed as an animation.

    If anyone has a developer mindset and is curious about learning more about this please don't hesitate to let me know. Most or all of the SDK information is here: - and it's free.

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    Not part of the dev team, but as I have used your software, just wanted to say hiya and welcome to the forums. =]

    - Gita

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    Thanks Gita.

    Would love to see samples of artwork that involved both softwares.

    so tell me (an d us all), is there a scripting capability to make your own filters in ArtRage, and if not what do you think of LUA, as in - wouldn't that be a sweet feature to have so as to exchange filters with other apps and allow artists with mathematical minds to create new ones?

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    I am in no way related to these development teams. But I would encourage the idea represented. Since everythings at most is freeware here, plugins concerning all the apps would generate more users and more plug-ins!

    Why not working on 1 sweet program that enables different features. I guess the scene would really appreciate this thingy...

    PD pro 3.6 an ArtWare were discussed in the Imagine FX issue 4. Making the above idea work, would really make some extra comments about it. Too sad ArtWeaver wasn't discussed there. I like it most because of the look and feel of Adobe systems and the print for press (dpi related) abillity.

    Nice way guys, respect to your enthousiasm, some cooperation would come in hand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divian

    PD pro 3.6 an ArtWare were discussed in the Imagine FX issue 4. Making the above idea work, would really make some extra comments about it. Too sad ArtWeaver wasn't discussed there. I like it most because of the look and feel of Adobe systems and the print for press (dpi related) abillity.

    Nice way guys, respect to your enthousiasm, some cooperation would come in hand...
    There's a plugin coming that connects Dogwaffle with Artweaver.

    They both already have Lua sctripting that allows scripts to be exchanged between the two and some scripts also with GIMP. I say some because we went beyond the GIMP's gluas plugin and added a gui server that allows for scripts to have user interface components, and make then interactive, with color pickers and sliders and stuff like that. Artweaver has also added support for our gui server. We would love for it to become part of ArtRage as well. It is free and we're sharing the source code with seriously interested developers.

    It would be particularly interesting to see it (the Lua and Guiserver thing) ported to a Mac platform, hence the interest in having ArtRage involved.

    Why bother with something like this? well because it's not easy for small organizations to stack up against the big giants that through millions of dollars in advertisement at the printed and web media to brain wash new artists that the only way to do digital art is with their expensive software. Perhaps if we have a larger number of solutions and alternatives, each having their specialty and highlights but all also benefitting from some common code and features that can be shared, there's hope for such tools to find a nest egg. Even if ultimately just as a companion to the big guns.

    It is in this spirit that I maintain a list of 'other paint programs' even on our very own links pages, - you'll find a few there like Pixarra twisted brush, ArtRage, Artweaver and more.

    Issue number 4 if Imagegine FX magazine has indeed a tutorial from Martin Duerr on his uses of Dogwaffle. There was some good exposure lso in the first issue in january, with an editorial on the topic of "Creativity costs nothing". I like the magazine's spirit of showing creativity also in the sense of new tools such as ArtRage, Dogwaffle, and yes hopefully also Artweaver. They all deserve to be shown for their respective strengths.

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    I follow you on your opinion staigerman. But still maybe it's because I'm brainwashed, but It would be a long way to get a place next to Painter. Not that Painter is the only good program, though it emphasis a serious good look and feel with a professional intent. If you guys would communicate (the free open source community), you could be very competitive towards them. I wouldn't mind paying an 100 USD for a program that really rocks with developers that listen to the community.

    I have made some remarks on some other thread ("struggles befor buying"). This could maybe also be related towards DB pro.

    The main thing I miss in most freeware tools is just the common handling of the more expensive programs. I am used to Adobe Photoshop (here I go again) and when using (I got the trial of)Painter 9, it felt almost immediatly common and could be a perfect add on to photoshop. After using the piece of software (considering to go freelance for a part), I remarked: Damn, all those licences at such high prices. How can people keep up paying on this... :roll:

    In serieus jobs for designs, I always refer to :
    1) Good bugfree software
    2) abillities to interchange between programs
    3) common look and feel (to establish a good learning curve as a die-hard shortkey user) I always hated making vector images in Adobe Illustrator, because I was referring to photoshop. Some stupidity of Adobe in my eyes on that one...
    4) A good affordable price (it doesn't need to be free all the time)
    5) professional and up to date developing

    And really I'm not trying to attack the whole scene but just trying to let you guys know the common mistakes people make on creating tools...
    If I look at painter, most things are just useless. If i need filters and so on, mostly I would do some postpress in Photoshop. But hell, let that thing paint. Look at the magic of a Johannes Itten like color wheel with a triangle, perfect. Photoshop lacks on that one.

    I would just would inform you to get this clear. It's not the add-ons which are important, it's the purpose and the ability to interact towards other common programs. In which I see this thread was created.

    Maybe it would be ideal for all teams to hook up and have some brainstorm on all this matter? I hope I'm not getting anyone to blame, I don't want to be the just arrived member which blames about all and everything, simply somebody who cares about the underdog... :wink:

    ps: I really can't get used to the Gimp because some of the above mentioned...
    pss: I hope I help in some way...

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    good feedback indeed.

    maybe this can serve as a starter and motivation for similar things to come here:

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    I think Sweedie sums it up quite well.

    ArtRage makes me draw and paint - nothing else!

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    Going back over the postings it would seem that without the benefit of the Ambient team none of these other Juggernauts would have functioned in the first place.

    I think that the ArtRage Team should launch a Thread called " Actually we made that! "

    ArtRage gets me from canvas to finished painting flawlessly, without ever having read the manual.

    It is like a friction free, weightless bicyle.

    I don't need The Starship Enterprise to make that journey, I don't even want a Transporter Room built onto Artrage.

    For anything glitzy there is EGD. but I certainly don't want any cross pollination with their interface!

    I have Photoshop, I have Corel. I can count the times I have used them since getting ArtRage on the fingers of one foot!
    Luck is infatuated with the efficient.

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    Ambient Design
    Hi staigerman.
    We're considering putting in some support for other programs and plugins 'under the hood'.
    The challenge, as always, is to do it in a way that doesn't break the feel and UI of ArtRage.
    We absolutely do not want to try to be everything for everyone. That would break ArtRage.
    We'll look into interoperability some time later in the year, I expect.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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