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SweenyMini just gave me an anurism. I think the mere mention of Bananaman has given me a nosebleed. I haven't so much as grazed a thought of that cartoon in 15+ years. That's been off the air almost as long as Garfield's been out of material! :wink:

Thanks to the Danger Mouse fans as well. I bet I'm one of a handfull of Americans to own the series on DVD. Penfold . . . . Shush!

With all respect to the participants, I think this is getting a little off-topic, so I think I'll start an "animation favorites" thread in the general area. I'd love to keep this one rolling, but seems inapropriate for this board.

Please re-stake your claim to the Saturday morning cartoons that made your childhood memorable (or repressed - thanks Bananaman! - I'm seriously still aghast at the mind's ability to forget!) :shock:

Check it out here!

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