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Thread: a few struggles before buying

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    a few struggles before buying

    Hi, first of all congratz with this tool! It's very nice and has much potential. The only thing I still need to do is to figure out whether it feeds my needs...

    Therefore some random questions/considerations which I still have before buying. I thought it would be helpfull to have them all together in 1 thread instead of creating or replying the whole time:

    First of all I'm willing to use a piece of software similar to painter. I refer to this tool because it's really the guru thing (for my needs) that I know right know. Counterside of the medal: too damn pricy (for the moment)!

    In a way for telling, speaking about things, I much refer to photoshop as I'm a user of this tool since version 6. The drawing tools came clear for the past few months because I was not aware of it, always using Photoshop. The remarks and questions folowwing are just in my own opinion and should not be considered as the only (good) way. Like I said I'm thinking in photoshop ways and referring to painter as well. I kindly like ArtRage 2, for the thing it is and the effort people do to make it work. Respect for that.

    So here I go brainstorming and shooting questions:
    1. Does ArtRage (AR) deals with print output? As a possible alternative to create a document in PSD at first and integrate a blank one for print back in to AR? (see other thread)
    2. Will AR have some reasonable interaction common to Photoshop. I am really a shortcut user and it's part frustrating not having the abillity to make your own shortcuts (option menu).
    3. I really miss the ctrl+a (select all) thing to erase fast and easy after quick sketching common ideas...
    4. I miss the abillity to draw straight lines with the brush (whereas other tools like photoshop use Shift + stroke)
    5. I always kinda liked a Triangle color method for its ease of use, what I really miss in photoshop and I kind of hate (lack of it).
    6. What I "dislike" in AR is the cursor view. It could be so much better eg. using the black triangle as a sort of pointer to draw. You can even go further on this one and make it look more realistic in order to have the look and feel of the real deal in sketching. What about making that triangle making an angle referring to the way you draw. Let me explain a bit further... When you draw with eg. a pencil on paper (real life), the pencil point makes an angle towards that paper. I guess I mean it like pretty much the way you guys integrated the bunch for the oil thing, but with the ellipse like cursor.
    7. Is it me or can't I adjust opacity for my brushes,...
    8. I really like the use of some sort of plate to mix up colors. Maybe some idea... Why not letting us "draw" read, mix colors outside of the papercanvas (eg. Adobe Illustrator). Still no doubt a fixed palette mix thingy would be of more help.
    9. Maybe I didn't figure it out yet, but can't you create your own brushes?
    10. Call me an idiot but if Photoshop would have the oppurtunity to have this as a plugin, added in the software with some minor adjustments eg. color triangle, palette mixer, and rotating opportunity in conjunction with the idea behind AR, Adobe would boost up a level! just my 2 cents...

    To conclude: the summary above is not a finger pointing thing. It's just some random thoughts, remarks I have or didn't figure out yet in ArtRage 2.

    ps: Too bad ArtWeaver and ArtRage don't combine forces. It would be damned good and affordable!

    kind regards,

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    yea, i'll agree with some of these requests, a quick clear layer would be nice for doing quick sketches

    straight lines would be useful in some situations, especially working out perspective etc

    the quadrant colour selector is a bit limited in that it makes selecting subtle greys very difficult in LS/H mode, i think a palette area would be great for mixing colours and loading up your brush how you like it, eg. if i want red on one side and orange on the other side of the brush i could drop a blob of red and blob of yellow and mix a gradient and then pick it up with the brush and use it on the canvas rather than using an area of the canvas

    opacity for brushes is a definatly required feature (mark URGENT), as it seems impossible to get an underpainted or scumbled effect without it, shouldn't thinners make the paint more translucent? i know they do when i use them IRL

    personally i don't think AR needs any more printing features, but maybe that's just me
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    plus: a CMYK color palette is not present? Pantone colors would be wicked but undoable with the copyright concerning this, still CMYK would be a good pick, not?!

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