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Thread: Chinese girl-WIP with progress vid...

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    Chinese girl-WIP with progress vid...

    work in progress for a contest on deviantart
    this is only half of the illustration, the other half havn't even been sketched out yet :?

    so. wadaya think?

    video here
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    Lavish color and that's for sure.

    Since you're so good with color and brushwork, I'm wondering if you couldn't pay more attention to some of the lay in strokes relative to finish -- meaning some building up and then hitting the definitive marks.

    Your color says you're already nearly finished with the painting. While the shapes you painted indicate there is more tightening up to perhaps do.

    In other words, you've keyed your color so intense in the early stage that there's really nowhere to go for accents and to pull elements forward or draw the eye to them.

    So your choice, the artist's choice, here is to either build your color up at a slower rate and mold things into being, or the other choice is to keep your color bright throughout and then make each and every mark you place be correct because you will be painting to a finish quickly.

    I hope this makes sense, because I very much like it and I like your work. Your skill level is pretty darn good so I figure you have control over such things, and it's merely a matter of choice of procedure being clear cut. The rest will fall into place nicely.

    Very nice work.

    I know that the picture book market would love your brightness of color.


    Ah! I just saw your video. Very cool. You're doing something very different.

    Love the dazzle of paint getting played with with such intensity. Pretty dazzling.

    So this is perhaps another art form -- painting for the process of building a work of art -- where the process is visible.


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    Snuffy Arrod , England
    bassetsketch sweet stuff indeed videos also ...........

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    I really like where this is going. Great start! The most immediate thing that I see that needs attention is the ellipse at the bottom of the lamp shade. Ellipses have to be correct or they are annoying to the eye. Even with some of the more painterly techniques applied they would have to be subtle to not violate the geometric shape of the ellipse. It is automatic alert system in the brain that tells you something is not right, when an ellipse is irregular. So even if your brushstrokes were loose and painterly which is nice to see here, they would not violate the overall geometric shape of the ellipse to the eye.
    It is a really good painting and deserves however long it takes to refine it.
    The composition is good. The face needs some smoother transition in the skin area, but the drawing is excellent. Keep working on this. It is headed toward being masterful! Also consider what leads the eye around inside the composition... and what hinders that process. The color is pretty good. I would be tempted to go more toward pale light yellow than green on the moon. It would seem to play into the overall color scheme better. Quite a beautiful painting developing here.

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    wow D Akey, that's about the longest crit/comment i've ever recieved
    except for this other guy who talks in the format of a list... :P

    speggie, glad u liked it!

    and gzairborne, gosh that ellipse is very disturbing indeed!

    i'm taking notes on ur crits, thanks guys

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    Hi Bassetsketch,

    That's amazing work. I love it. Hope to see the final version soon. Keep going. You're good!

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    Palmbeach or desert with a palm

    I'm very much impressed by this painting. Wow, I love every detail in it. Very good!
    -- Nixe --

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    Very pretty. I imagine a soft fluffy kitty on that bed.

    Edit: But then, it's so complete now. lol

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