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Thread: Eraser shortcut key ? help!

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    Eraser shortcut key ? help!

    Hi there!

    Anybody knows what are the shortcut key for the eraser tool?
    I read that is the "=" key but... ¿where is that key?!?!
    i have press every key on my keyboard, but i can´t find it

    help me please

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    What country do you live in (aka what keyboard layout do you have)?
    What os are you using? Mac/Windows/Version?

    ArtRage unfortunately is not prepared for international keyboards (yet - hope floats). On a standard QWERTY keyboard = is placed two keys right from zero - look here:

    But that doesn't work on my danish keyboard. I have to find = just as I would type it normally (and for DK that is Shift+0). Same problem for '-' shortcut. That one is normally placed one right of 0 (but on dk it's placed one left of shift). All very confusing.

    I was having problems zooming - but found some alternative keycombos:


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    Thank you very much man !
    i don´t a standard QWERTY :P , so i have to use the Shift+0 , but is ok

    thanks for all your help, and the next time i will be more descriptive about my hardware and S.O.

    thanks again!

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