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Thread: regarding this forum

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    regarding this forum

    Is there a way to make the forum save the info about what have you read between logins? because when i logout it assumes that i have read everything, and i haven't.

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    PHPBB is a free forum system, so is lacking in many of the features we should probably have.
    Generally I just leave myself logged in. So long as you have cookies enabled, and no-one else is using your computer, it's relatively safe.

    Now that the forum has grown so much (and really, we keep being surprised on how ArtRage and it's community keeps exceeding our expectations) we can probably shell out some bux for a more fully-featured forum.

    Once we get ArtRage 2.5 out the door we'll have time to focus on other things again.
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    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    Just a thought... if you mistakenly click on mark all topics as read... it will do just that. I made that mistake at first, thinking it meant that it would mark the topics I had read, which made sense... only to find out it marked everything read even though I hadn't.

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