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Thread: Custom Brushes

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    Custom Brushes

    Custom Brushes


    First off brilliant program guys.... bloody good value for money!!
    Lean mean and highly responsive with an elegant interface that almost belies the programs power.

    Please disregard the following if already mentioned in previous posts...

    Custom brushes feature would be nice. Maybe similar to the palette menu i.e.

    Rembrandt brush’s
    Feng Zhu
    Ryan Church
    Miscellaneous brush set

    An example of a bush set could be...

    Rembrandt brush’s
    5px detail brush
    10px general brush
    30px acrylic brush
    Small Smooth Blender oil
    Hard Brush Blender oil
    Small Palette Knife
    Light Eraser
    Glow Air Brush Effect

    Note: Optional tie in to the canvas with it's roughness and scale etc. as it has a major impact on blending or chalk texture effects etc.

    Of course I don't expect to be as good an artist as Rembrandt because I am emulating a brush style but a form of this menu might cut down on R.S.I. and I can never remember the cool effects I have come up with when coming back to a painting.

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    Perhaps a brush history panel might help - or something similar to the 'Color Samples Panel' but for brush tools.

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    This is exactly what I was coming on to post, I'm glad I decided to look for a similar post. Please add a feature similar to these. Even a hbrid of the two. One color samples type of panel that stores the tool and brush type when clicked and another that just keps brush type presets that change depending on which tool has been selected. That way not only can you move in and out of tools with specific brush types quickly but also change multiple brush types while using the same tool. I guess the first panel could accomidate this but it would probabbly get combobulated.

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    Saved brushed settings palette

    Yes this is one of the major things missing. We definately need a palette that saves custom brush settings so we don't have to constantly change the settings back and forth between different brush preferences. It wastes a lot of time. So Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!

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    I do agree too.
    de l'art ou du cochon

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    I agree! I use the airbrush for 3-4 different type of pens all from marker's to ordinary pencils and ballpointpen's. It would really help if you could save these different settings to a custom bin of some sort, now you have to change the settings by hand all the time and it's time consuming.

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