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Thread: auto-generating a movie of the painting process

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    auto-generating a movie of the painting process

    It seems like with the undo/redo feature all the information is present that would allow the auto-generation of a movie showing how the painting was created. The program could undo back to the start, and capture an image for each "redo". Maybe the actual strokes could be animated too. The animation could then be shared or posted on this forum. These movies would make it easy for beginners to see how a complex painting was created.

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    The computer here HATES anything to do that sort of thing, movies and AVI and that sort of things, even just having the stuff in the program makes it crash, even if it isn't used

    I respect everyone's opinion but I hope that nobody thinks that this would be so important because it is so nice that ArtRage does not crash.

    Maybe people could write tutorials, with examples for people. I would do it, only I don't have any methods to teach anyone. I just start painting all over the place until I think it looks nice.

  3. I also think this would be a welcome feature (I for one would definitely welcome it :wink: ). Speedpainting stuff is taking over Youtube, but I could never just use a screengrabber since I tend to do a heap of different tasks while drawing.

    Little_Artist, that is clearly not normal behavior for a computer, maybe you should try reinstalling your OS and/or getting someone with some expertise to take a look at it? There should not be a correlation between the use of video apps and the amount of system crashes.

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