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Thread: History and Art Rage

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    History and Art Rage

    Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro allow the user to clear the history, i.e. the stack of previous changes made to an image. This of course frees up memory. Does or should Art Rage have a similar feature?

    I have found that after using Art Rage for a while (and the amount of time varies from 45 to 90 minutes) my Wacom Intuous tablet or pen seems to get confused. Sometimes the eraser on my Wacom pen stops working, other times the tablet drawing area no longer correctly correlates with by computer's screen. Either closing and reopening Art Rage or rebooting my computer returns behavior to normal. Are these problems related to memory getting full and could they be helped by clearing the histry stack?

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    Saving your painting, and reloading it should have a similar effect. That will reset the undo handlers.
    If it still misbehaves, the restarting is always a good idea as applications can get memory fragmentation.

    Which version of ArtRage are you using?
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    I am using the most recent full version

    I updated my WACOM drivers.
    Maybe this will eliminate the the problem

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    Also, for any tablet related problems in ArtRage, try going to the Edit menu, then Preferences, and checking "Use Mouse Mode". This is a more compatible method for ArtRage to get the points from a tablet. Hope that helps!
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