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Thread: Basic AR question...

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    Basic AR question...

    Hi, there,

    I am new to both AR and painting (but pretty good at drawing) so please excuse how basic this question is...

    Why would you need to ever use LESS than 100% loading on a brush. Wouldn't you just lift your tablet stylus when done? I know that visually it's not the same effect, but it kind of seems that if you're trying to get some kind of fade effect from less loading it would take a heck of a lot of trial and error...

    Would anyone be willing to share how using the "loading" control not just at maximum helps you?

    Thanks, and sorry to bug with what may just become obvious with time...

    - A

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    I use a mouse, but I hope I can help anyway.

    I never used less than 100 percent loading before but I decided to try it so I could answer, and it is very cool.

    Suppose you want to draw a feather in a Prince's hat. If you set your paint to 4 percent loaded, now you dont have to worry about fine lines because the fine lines come all by themsleves.

    It is very nice. Now maybe you could draw a Prince.

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