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    Mar 2006
    Pacific Northwest
    Wow. I like Ring very much. The land/sea images are alot of fun for me too. The depth of field you did on the second version is interesting. I haven't tried that much. Thanks for posting.
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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    May 2006
    Ok Maror....
    So, Why weren't we invited to the Party?
    It's so hard being the new kid on the block...
    Oh, nice house by the way, did you build it yourself?
    It has a certain Tennessee flavor.
    The lights are really bright, and beautiful! 8)

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    Apr 2006
    gorgeous landscape, iv e never seen islands like that,

    going to be honest, i like your picture without the Depth of Field Effect...thats just my opinion.hope you dont mind!

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    Switzerland - AG

    Why you werent invented? You are invented! The party starts on the 24 juni 2006 08.00 pm in switzerland! :lol: But i think florida has the better parties! :cry:

    No the house is a foresthouse in my village!

    I hope the party and the weather is that good!

    thx, i never mind :wink:
    in case the dof-effect is really unreal, no camera can do a such effect (only when the landscape is a model!)

    Greez from cold switzerland *brrr*

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