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Thread: On File Import Colors Change

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    On File Import Colors Change


    I'm trying to go back and forth between Photoshop & ArtRage.

    On import of the psd file the colors change slightly in ArtRage.

    If I export the ArtRage file back & forth between Photoshop & ArtRage a few times the colors change significantly.

    Is there a way to avoid this color change?

    I tried a couple things that didn't have an effect.
    1 - Importing to a cell, instead of a textured canvas.
    2 - Importing different file types

    Alternatively, I could use Painter instead, but ArtRage does a few things much better.


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    ArtRage applies lighting to the layers, which can change the look between exports and imports.

    There currently isn't a way to avoid this, but you can reduce the effect by ensuring paper has 0% roughness on all your layers.
    And try to reduce the amount of swapping between applications if you can.

    Super Secret bit... In the upcoming release of ArtRage there will be an 'undocumented feature'. Pressing <F5> will turn off all the lighting effects so you can work with just the pure colour in ArtRage.
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    Thank you Andy!

    I look forward to ArtRage 3.


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