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Thread: 3d software free offer

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    3d software free offer

    For anyone interested, DAZ Studio and Bryce 5.5 are being offered free (registration required) at:

    Hin's Paintings:

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    I got it from ... interesting looking program. Steep learning curve and uses lots of resources while "rendering" but fascinating.

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    I am lost in this world, let alone that world... but I did do the free download anyway. Thanks hinket.

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    ****WARNING**** I responded to the offer for Bryce a while back. The amount of spam I then subsequently received was astonishing. Not just from those companies but from every kind of annoying prescription, video, phone service, etc companies you can imagine. Unfortunately it was also my work e-mail at the studio and it affected everyone once spammers figured out the mass e-mail address for the studio.

    In the end if you ask me this is NOT free.
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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    Is THAT what happened to my e-mail? Sheesh.

    I have also visited dummy typography and computer sites where I was fraudulently told I had to subscribe to be able to post and told I would receive a confirmation letter with an authorization code.

    All I got was spam.

    But I recall the last time when there was a free Brice offer mentioned here and I signed up for it. Spam city.

    I just never connected that one because the typographic sites didn't deliver at all. So I thought it was them. At least I got Brice. . . even though I never used it. But I have learned to really arm my spam filter.

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    I'm a 3d artist, Bryce is an ok package, but to make something other than islands and sunsets it's a little more involved and not as intuative. There's a lot of good books tho, that will get you far, fast with Bryce.

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