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Thread: A couple of questions

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    A couple of questions

    I am contemplating getting the full version of ArtRage. I'm looking forward to trying them out. Do many of you use the extra features often? Which do you use the most?

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    Hi Tracyf79, I've been using the full version so long I don't even remember what the limits of the free version are. That said I have to tell you that there are very few features I don't take advantage of in ArtRage.

    I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and buy the full version. You won't regret it. Just take the time to explore the newly available features when you get it. The rewards far exceed the cost. Also if you have questions about features that are new to you, there is no better place to get those questions answered than right here in this forum.
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    Tracy, just saw this topic. The full version of ArtRage is so cheap, it is a very simple decision to make. Go for it. I love all of the tools. The glitter tool is especially fun. I have found it interesting to use for details in trees.

    ArtRage is truly a bargain. I've seen that you have been doing a lot of experimenting and I think you are having fun. Keep working!!! Keep creating!!

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    Hi Tracy,
    I still have the free version for the g'kids to use. You get Glitter Tube, Paint Roller, Paint Tube, Airbrush in your tools window. Also Thinner for paint, more surfaces and controls to customize them, Layers and Metalic paint. It's the best $20 you'll ever spend.


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    I ordered it and I'm loving it more and more every time I use it. It is so worth the small price.

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