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Thread: Red Yellow Blue (as opposed to RGB) Colour Model

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    Red Yellow Blue (as opposed to RGB) Colour Model

    i don't think this is particularly important at least for me, but i thought it's a good suggestion for people who are long time painters and i have no idea how you'd go about implementing such a thing but i'm sure it's possible.

    I had a bit of a play and tried mixing Yellow and Blue in artrage and noticed that the result was not Green as one would expect when working with paint, also perhaps a Colour Wheel instead of the current semicircle colour picker might be good for picking complementy, triadic, split complementy and analogous colours easily
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    I 've noticed that too, and after googling a bit found that Blue/Red/Yellow is actually an approximation of Cyan/Magenta/Yellow, the substractive color model.. After that it got kinda confusing o_O It was wikipedia if i'm not mistaken..

    I think you could have a colour wheel picker , though.. Either make one yourself in artrage, and then choose it as a custom picker , from the menu under the default colour picker, or find a nice one in google,shrink it to fit into an existing custom picker and load it from the same menu. It'll be somewhat small, but it could help.

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    Here are a few color wheels I pulled off the web. I resized them to fit in the color picker area of AR, so they are a little small and the grid lines turned into anti-aliased grey things. I also added the black and mid-grey areas for convenience (white was already there by default).

    There may be better methods, but I did this by creating a 181x181 image (based on the size of the default files that came from AR). I then figured out that the largest circle that fit inside the picker's quarter circle was about 150 pixels. I resized the original wheel to 150x150 and placed it in the bottom right corner of the larger image. Then I saved as a PNG file. I personally placed these in the User directory of the picker directory where AR was installed.

    There are three - based on tones, tints, and shades.

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    Still, mixing even marginally warmer yellows and blues gives a purplish grey color ..
    Perhaps using ryb only for arithmetic "placement" of the colors over the hue range just for mixing calculations and not as an actual model? That is to say instead of having green at 120 degrees hue in HSV, to have yellow instead, and compress green between yellow and blue. It seems there are less perceivable hues of green anyways ( or so I've read, I cant imagine how one measures that kind of thing :P ). Something like an uneven hue range, of sorts .. Maybe that'd be similar to a kind of RYB color model, which could be more intuitive than the RGB, if one would visualize the hue slider as a circle.

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