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Thread: Artrage 2 crash bug

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    Artrage 2 crash bug

    I'm having a problem getting anything done in Artrage because it crashes.

    For example, I open my painting and everything is fine, I go to open a reference image and Artrage just shuts down. No error message, nothing at all. It doesn't matter what I open either, It only happens when I use the open 'reference image' or 'open painting' button the second time.

    Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

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    This is strange and I'm sorry to have wasted the space on the forum but I've solved the problem.

    Artrage was crashing because I didn't have my tablet plugged into my computer, it only works when it's plugged in. I assume this is a bug and just in case you guys want to file it I'll give you the details on what tablet I use.

    Acecad Flair 2 tablet

    Hope you guys can fix this bug in the future but as long as we all know the solution it shouldn't be much trouble.

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