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Thread: Wacom Graphire...

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    Wacom Graphire...

    I just went out and bought the 4x5 tablet. Anyone have any tips to get started?

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    I like to tape tracing paper over the surface to make it feel more like i'm drawing on paper instead of plastic surface. I find it to be better to contorl the pen.

    Hope this helps.
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    I will definitely try that, it might make it easier to get used to, thanks!

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    i recently bought a wacom volito 2, and was even more impressed with artrage then before.

    i was amazed by how realistic sketching with the pencil tool is with a tablet, you should definitely give it a try.

    i've also been playing with some watercolour techniques which work very well with a tablet, set the brush to 100% pressure and loading, and about 93% thinner and make some light strokes with a light color.

    Also, the buttons on the pen are programmable, if you assign some useful Artrage keyboard shortcuts to the buttons, this can make life a bit easier. you could assign them to different tools. right now i have mine set for Undo, and CTRL (for the colour picker).

    have fun exploring
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    I knew the buttons were programmable but didn't think I would use them. That is a great idea tho, using them for undo and color.

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    Hi Guys,

    On some Wacom pens it's possible to use different nibs. They simulate various "feels" for the user. Some have little spring gizmos in them to make things seem more like paper.

    I mention these and have tried them all, but I ended up using the cheapest white nylon version eventually. I think that the switch from Mouse to Pen, takes a little time, and when you've adjusted to it you may not need to cover the pad. I did it for a long time and then got fed up with replacing the paper.

    Volitos need to have the whole pen changed because the nibs are are not replaceable. When you get to that stage you may consider moving up a level, if you have the cash, because a new pen is not much less then the whole Volito system.

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    Thank You, Aged, I will check into that.

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    I also found that it is much easier to hold the tablet than to leave it on my desk. :roll:

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    tracyf79 the guys here on the forum told me about the wacom bluetooth tablet and i've never looked back, being disabled its one of the best $500 i ever spent, just thought i'd let you know that.

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    Bluetooth is one of the better tablets, right? I think I will stick with the smaller tablet, I've read that everyone has their preference. The smaller one gives me more control when I draw.

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