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Thread: Unable to RecieveFull Version of Art Rage

  1. Unable to RecieveFull Version of Art Rage

    I've tried to buy the full verstion of Art Rage 2 twice now. The first time, I never recieved the program (and yes, it did say that my payment went through), and it has been over three months.

    Recently, I tried purchasing it again (about four days ago), and again I was informed that the payment went through, but I believe that I accidentally put the wrong e-mail address in. What should I do ..?

    I'm going to post my question here as well as send an e-mail to, just in case. I really want this program, hehe.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    Hi UndyingSong.
    Dave will answer this in a private EMail to you. If you've paid twice, we'll make sure you get a refund on one of the payments, as well as receiving a download link and registration key for ArtRage.
    If you can send details to of the approximate date you made the original purchase, as well as the email addresses you used in both purchases, that will help Dave sort it out for you.
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  3. Wow, what a speedy response! Thank you!

    I will send the details to the address you provided. However, the first charge never showed up on the bill, so a refund isn't necessary.

    Thanks again! :)

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