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Thread: Better support for writing and selection

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    Better support for writing and selection

    I'm using Art Rage for almost six months and, as a previous Sketch book pro user, I can only say that Art rage is outstanding.
    Nevertheless there's no such thing as a perfect software. Things can always be improved.
    Here's my two top priority suggestions for the next version of ArtRage:

    1. Writing on Artrage is hard, it just can't handle text at all.
    I've tried to configure the tools any way possible but AR simply is unable to deal with writing. When I write there's lot's of writting details that AR misses. In this specific matter Sketch book pro was better (but now is dead). Please improve this. I'm always writing notes in my drawings.

    2. It will be great to be able to select (with a lasso tool or similar) an entire or part of a drawing and move it on the canvas.

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    I second the lasso tool request.

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