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    Paint Pens

    Hi Everyone,
    I havent posted here in awhile and I wanted to ask the artrage community about a specific thing.

    I recently bought some paint pens from a company called on the run. I really love how the pens dispense opaque paint in a uniform fashion. I was wondering if artrage could mimic that functionality?

    Basically dispense opaque colors in a uniform line ( no tapering ).

    any pointers?

    thanks in advance!

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    Sounds interesting. I'm sure if you posted some scans on how these pens actually perform I'm sure there are some that could guide you closer to how to achive a similar effect. You might even be able to lure Matt into doing some sneaky black magic (code).
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    I will try and get some scans done this week.

    Basically they are like the marker settings yet at even 100 percent opacity the markers tend to not be fully opaque. I really love the opacity of the paint markers I just bought. They are great for when i make mistakes i can just grab the outlining color and clean it up.

    Also they dont stink like other paint pens do :P


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    The 'art pen' option in the marker pens in ArtRage 2.2 was supposed to be like the paint pens. But I think I need to tweak them to make them a bit more opaque.
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