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Thread: Resize the prush in iOS

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    Resize the prush in iOS

    I am new to artrage community and trying to learn from experts. I understand from many YT videos that brush size on iOS can go up to 500%-800%, but I cannot go past 100%.

    I must be doing something wrong if anyone can suggest and help..

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    Hi Ifoto

    Welcome to the forums.

    In order to go above 100% you will need to click in the small box right below the toolbar in which a x% will be already showing. In the dialogue box that opens, enter the percentage you want in there. Then close the box etc.

    Happy painting!

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    Thanks Brett, I already tried that option, doesn't matter what % i type in (i tried 200, 300. 400, 500) and press Ok to close the box, it comes back to 100%

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    Hello ifotomagic,
    Can you confirm which version of ArtRage for iOS you have?
    If you have ‘ArtRage’ (the last version was 2.4.0) then 100% will be the largest tool size you can get I think.
    If you have ‘ArtRage Vitae Mobile Painting’ (current version 1.1.5) then you should be able to go up to 500%
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    Thanks Mark, that was the issue, I did not knew there is new app 'ArtRage Vitae Mobile Painting'. I just purchased that and all is good now.
    Thanks for help again.

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