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Thread: Bad stick photo on canvas

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    Bad stick photo on canvas

    Hello everyone
    When I import a photo, center it on the canvas and validate, it moves to the top left of the canvas with a part outside the canvas. How can I keep the photo centered?
    I use artrage vitae on my tablet Samsung tab 6 lite
    Thank you for your help
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    Hello Denis2018 and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    I donít have an Android device so unfortunatly I canít say what the issue may be for you
    But in the absence of any other replies here I would suggest that you contact Ambient Design directly regarding your problem.
    Support page here:
    Or email here: [email protected]
    Hope you can get it sorted out soon and can get back to painting!
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    I have checked on my Samsung tabS3 and don't have the same behaviour. My imported photo loads top left and with two fingers I can move it to any position and it does not revert to the previous position. Your experience is not to be expected. As Mark says, get in touch with Ambient.

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