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    first steps

    I finally stopped admiring the volito in its box and had a go at drawing something. It started out as a pencil sketch on 50% rough paper of a mans face, the idea being the tooth of the paper might help me with skin pores, though I ended up battling against them - especially as the face turned into a womans! Is this programme AR or AI?
    Then I got into the coloured pencils and after (many) layers of smoothing I got to this stage.
    This is where I could use some help please.
    I started on the eyelashes but they came out like sticks so I've steered clear of the hair. Also any detail work, around the eyes in particular.
    I'd be grateful for any suggestions guys.

    Ah! Just got an error msg saying ptg files not allowed. That's a default tho, isn't it?
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    The ArtRage painting files (*.ptg) contain a lot of information ArtRage needs to make the paints act naturally. As a result, they can be quite huge and would soak up all our server space.
    In the ArtRage File menu, you can export your image as a jpg which is a lot smaller (but not as good quality) for posting to the forums here.

    Note that it is important you also keep a copy of your work as an ArtRage painting file so you can go back and continue working with it at the same quality it was when you started it.
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